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Surviving a Heart Attack

Surviving a Heart Attack


Live an active life now – it will help you if you ever have a heart attack.

Heart attacks can be frightening but research studies show that those who are fit prior to experiencing one, may have a built-in advantage to protect them from the deadly effects of a heart attack.

A study of seniors was published in 2016 by John Hopkins and the Henry Ford Health System, based on medical records data gathered from more than 2,000 men and women. The average age of the participants was 62 and the study concluded that those with higher levels of physical fitness not only reduce their risk of heart attacks and death from all causes, but they also improve their chance of survival from a first attack.

For the study, researchers focused on medical records of individuals who had taken a treadmill stress test before their first heart attack and used the patient’s achieved metabolic equivalent score – MET, for short – as a quick, although not perfect, measure of energy consumption at rest and during physical activity. The higher the MET score, which is based on physical activity levels, the more physically fit the participants were considered to be.

Overall, their results showed an 8% reduction in death risk for each whole-number increase in MET score after a first heart attack. Good physical condition going into the heart attack could be a life-saver.

Staying fit can be difficult for older adults who are living alone. Assistance with meal preparation, medication management and encouragement of healthy lifestyles could help keep a senior on track to a longer life. At Annie’s Place, we can help you stay healthy and assist you in being involved in community activities, including fitness. Our goal is to keep our clients healthy and living life to the fullest. By letting us take care of your needs – whether big or small – it can help you or your loved one stay in shape and live a longer, healthier life.

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