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Between Migraines and Headaches. Know Your Pains Right


Between Migraines and Headaches. Know Your Pains Right

Headaches can come as a benign nuisance, or they can get outright ugly. So ugly that they have led people to death; Melissa Dwyer in 2013 at 23, and numerous others. The primary issue is that the more common it is, the lesser people care about it.

This is precisely why many people delay the proper treatment for way too long. The simple key to understanding it all better is to be aware of the difference between headaches and migraines. Elementary knowledge that is literally life-safer.

Migraines vs Headache

One must understand that while all migraines have headaches, not all headaches are migraines. In short, headaches have various causes. There are certain key differences between the two, though, that can tell them both apart. These are:


  • Cause: Stress, anxiety, muscle tension, sinus
  • Ache Intensity: Mild to moderate
  • Ache Type: Steady
  • Affected Area: The entire head
  • Other Symptoms: Loss of concentration on the task at hand


  • Cause: Anxiety, hangover, menopause, hormonal changes
  • Ache Intensity: Intense
  • Ache Type: Pulsating
  • Affected Area: One half of the head or both
  • Other Symptoms: Nausea, sensitivity to light or brightness, fatigue, and dizziness

That said, it is essential to note here that while most headaches other than migraines come with mild intensity, there is a kind called ‘Cluster Headaches’ that is different. As the name suggests, Cluster headaches come in clusters, i.e., throbbing, high-intensity aches that attack one side of the head for a particular period and then vanish away, only to return soon. They are pretty similar to migraines except, they come in these short cyclical bursts.

Although the exact cause of cluster headaches is unknown, they are also differentiated by their other symptoms. These include watery eyes, nasal congestion, and swollen eye on the aching side.

These differences may, at times, be subtle, but if clear to you, they can help you manage your headache better. Remember, though, most headaches, including migraines, last from few minutes to a week at most. If yours persist for longer or feel chronic, get professional advice. They may be signalling towards something more severe.

The healthcare providers at Annie’s Place can ably examine your headache from the comfort of your home. Give us a call if that headache of yours is becoming a bit of a nuisance to you.


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