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The Impact of Rising COVID-19 Numbers in BC and How we Can Help

The Impact of Rising COVID-19 Numbers in BC and How we Can Help

Although this is the last piece of news we want to hear with regards to COVID-19, the reality is the number of cases are on the rise and unfortunately, BC is not excluded from this experience. As of October 22nd, the BC government reported a total of 12,500+ cases, with 274 new cases for that day alone. This number has continued to rise in the past couple of weeks. Annie’s Place hopes everyone in our community has been healthy through these challenging times.

While the daily cases may not be as high as other provinces or other parts of the world, they have been trending in the an upward direction, a result that we had braced for, however had still hoped not to see. Consequently, this is sure to have various implications for many people across the province.

First and foremost, this certainly makes us think of our seniors and those who are immunocompromised, as these populations are at a higher risk of experiencing more severe responses to COVID. With that said, it is not just adults over 60 and those with underlying health issues that have become seriously ill when exposed to this virus. Instead, it has also been seen in healthier young adults in their 30s and 40s, whose overall well-being has also being seriously impacted.

BC has also now reported its first case of inflammatory responses in children, as case of this have already been documented in other parts of the country. While this response is rare and the rate of COVID infections in children has been relatively low overall, these new details once again remind us of the importance of remaining vigilant and continuing to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and each other from becoming exposed.

However, with that being said, there are still reasons to remain hopeful, as there are many positive steps we can take to keep ourselves and our family members safe from the effects of this virus.

If you or you loved ones are in need of additional medical assistance, you can look into a home health care service as they provide essential care from trained professionals.

Home health caregivers, like Annie’s Place, can be particularly effective and supportive during these challenging times, as they offer 1 on 1 support to individuals with varying health concerns. With one dedicated caregiver coming into the home at a time, this limits the number of interactions between individuals and again lowers the risk of being exposed to COVID-19 and other infections.

Since home health caregivers continue to implement the most up-to-date health and safety protocols, this can significantly lessen the spread of illness and protect the most at risk group of individuals, those who are often the ones receiving this care.

Additionally, home health caregivers are an excellent alternative to long term care homes as residents can remain in the familiarity of their own homes, and they are also at less of a risk of contracting other illnesses.

Furthermore, with consistent home care monitoring, this can also reduce the number of hospital visits an individual may require. Through professional and attentive care, individuals experience a great potential for an increase in their well-being and this can also mean that hospital visits and stays are less frequent. Ultimately, by taking additional steps to stay healthier and also avoiding being exposed to COVID-19, as a result, hospital systems are less likely to become overwhelmed and instead can continue to provide essential care when it is truly needed.

For these reasons, home care services can be a vital component of our daily care routines and in turn, play a role in an individual’s ability to protect themselves from being infected by this virus.

If you or a loved one is in need of additional assistance in the home, please contact Annie’s Place to hear more about our continued dedication to the fight against COVID-19.


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