About Us

About Us

About Us

Annie’s Place is a professional health, home and community services collective that is locally owned & operated. We specialize in client-centered, custom services to meet the everyday needs of the individuals we serve.

Annie’s Place was formally launched by Lina Fronzo in 2017. The motivation behind starting Annie’s Place came from our own experiences, where we observed a need for a home care provider that was truly focused on the client. We operate with a social business model that is underpinned with a strong commitment of being an inclusive, living wage employer.

We are committed to giving back to the communities that we serve through various ways; such as: volunteering, community contributions, and providing health and wellness seminars and presentations. We also offer a discount program for cluster care or organizational contracts for service to generate a win-win solution for both parties.

In the early days of Annie’s Place, our team comprised of health care, community service, home care and human resource professionals who undertook research over a year and half to help us launch our business. For many of us, we are mid-career to end-of-career professionals in our respective fields and during our work, we kept coming back to the immense community value of generating a solution to the many gaps in the health care, social service, and other public systems that we work in to improve individuals and their family’s experiences of accessing care, improving quality of life, fully participating in community and reducing social isolation.

After this research phase of our story, we developed our mission. Annie’s Place has a mission to provide a continuum of health, home and personal support services that are customized through a co-created care plan with our clients to meet and adapt to our client’s and their family’s changing needs. We specialize in client-centered services that are relationship-based not just task-oriented, to provide the highest level of quality service and genuine care.

  • Free health care assessments by a Registered Nurse for health and home care services;
  • Home health services, medication management, after care, recovery support;
  • Respite care and family support services and assistance;
  • Companions, housekeeping, organization and decluttering;
  • Shopping and appointment accompaniment;
  • Support with activities of daily living and community participation accompaniment;
  • Dietician and nutrition services, meal planning, preparation and provision;
  • Health and community service navigation;
  • Transition support from home to hospital or long-term care;
  • Access to specialized services, including but not limited to, pharmacy services, physiotherapy, recreation therapy, clinical counseling, dietician support, and a health care and community service network;
  • Environment modification to support accessibility, independence and client personal agency;
  • and daily and weekly quality of care assurance checks and monthly plan reviews

What we have recognized through the work that we do, is that we just haven’t written and recited our company’s values of relationship, respect and care – we live them every day. Most importantly, we will continue to live these out in pace, alongside our clients, their families and care teams. We have learned that we can go so much farther together than alone. We have not only delivered services but created a strong community, circles of support and a growing Annie’s Place family that includes our Staff team and the people and communities we serve. Our return has been received three-fold, to foster connections where there was loneliness, economic and social equity in place of struggle and overall well-being. For us, this is the triple-bottom line vision we are striving to achieve.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Enhancing the Happiness & Health of People across the Lower Mainland”

Our Mission

“To provide a continuum of health, home and personal support services that are customized through a co-created care plan with our clients to meet and adapt to our client’s and their family’s changing needs.”

Our Values

Quality & Safety

Dignity & Respect

Caring & Listening

Responsibility & Integrity

Management Team

We work hard to help you!


Lina Fronzo

Lina has 17 years experience on administrative business accounting. A graduate from Burnaby North Secondary, Lina continued her education at BCIT in administraton and accounting. She also obtained her Medical Office Assistant Certificate.

Lina’s strongest asset is talking and relating to people with elderly parents to care for. She experienced this first hand caring for her mom.

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