Our Story

The value of ensuring quality care for seniors

A young man met a care aid at the bus stop. The care aid was looking for directions to her next interview for a senior home care position, and when the man looked at the address he smiled, "That looks familiar! That is my grandmother's address."  

The care aid got the job.

The nurture and support this care professional provided the grandmother made her come alive and greatly improved her quality of life. It was then that Lina, the client's daughter and co-director of Annie's Place Care Corp., recognized the important need and value in providing this type of senior home care support in her community.  

Annie’s Place was formed with this vision in mind.      

Who We Are

We are a collective of like-minded, experienced professional health and community care providers who recognize the value of quality care in supporting the health and well-being of our clients at all stages in life and recovery.

Annie's Place Mission

To work in partnership with our clients and families and provide high quality life-enhancing home health services with professionalism, consistency and compassion, all while supporting our community by being a living wage employer.

At Annie's Place, we are committed to responsive communication with our clients and families.

We understand that this is key to ensuring positive health outcomes and that quality of life is achieved in a meaningful way.