How Home Care Can Complement other Support

How Home Care Can Complement other Support

With many Canadian wishing to remain in their home while receiving care, it makes sense that looking to home care as an alternative is an ideal method of maintaining one’s health and well-being without having to leave their own homes.

While individuals may already have some assistance in place, such as family members, physicians, hospital supports or long term care options, there are many advantages to enlisting the help of home caregivers. One of the main benefits being, that together, these types of supports can also complement each another in a variety of ways.

Help People Remain in their Homes

Foremost, home care services can support individuals of all ages as they continue to live as independently as possible. With that being said, older individuals,  can benefit from home caregivers as this additional support can enable them to’ age in place’, as they can remain living in their own homes. For individual requiring additional support in the home, caregivers can help to oversee their needs, especially as these may be long-lasting as well as become more complex overtime.

Assist Primary Caregivers

For individuals who are receiving care from family members, turning to outside support can be extremely beneficial. Not only can these services provide support for the individual receiving the care, they can also provide primary caregivers with some respite time as well as providing care in the event, the family member does not live nearby.

Furthermore, family members may not always be able to be there on a regular basis, and perhaps are even in some cases, providing care from a distance. In these instances, home care services can be set up to provide ongoing assistance and wellness check-ins that will give family members more peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and well looked after in their absence.

Support other Medical Care Services

Professional caregivers are also trained in a variety of medical practices. For that reason, the specific services they employ can enhance the nature of care that an individual is already receiving from their primary caregiver, their physicians, medical practitioners, and other out-patient medical services that are involved in their care.

Home care services can also help individuals avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital as home care personnel are providing additional support to assist them with maintaining their health. On the other hand, in the event an individual’s condition has become more serious, these home care professionals can intervene and recommend that they seek further medical interventions.

Promote Continuity of In Hospital Care

After an individual has undergone a medical procedure or spend time in the hospital, assigned caregivers can step in to provide continuity when it comes to certain treatments and supports. Once sent home, self-care needs can become more challenging and as a result, it is not often possible for patients to care for themselves. Fortunately, this is where home care individuals can be relied on to provide the necessary care that individuals need to continue to heal from home.

The reality is that personal care needs are often complex and challenging for a variety of reasons. In the end, home caregivers can offer this additional assistance, while promoting the well-being of the individuals in their care, as well as providing physical and moral support to the primary caregivers and family members.

If you or your family member are in need of some additional health care supports in the home, contact Annie’s Place to enquire more about how we can compliment your existing self-care and caregiving regiments.